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To know more about

Crystal Associate Programme

at Intimate Division



The application process for the Crystal Associate Programme involves the following stages:

1. Online Application

2. Digital Interview

3. First Interview

4. Online Assessment

5. Final Interview



CAP 2022 timeline.png

Mar 2022

Mar - Apr 2022

Apr - May 2022

Jun 2022

Jul 2022



1. How can I apply for Crystal Associate Programme at Intimate Division?
Access the link HERE to apply and see a demonstration below:
2. Can I apply for a position outside of my university major?

We look for candidates with potential to develop and become Crystal future leaders. For more information about major requirements, click HERE.

3. May I know how much this position pays?

We offer the salary of 24 million VND throughout the program in two and a half years, together with other benefits as listed in Rewards Package HERE

4. How will the career path be after two and a half years of the Intimate Associate Programme?

Our Associate Programme provides you with a clear career path. After graduation from the program, a qualified Associate will be appointed Assistant Manager of the related function. For long term professional goals, the Company offers career advancement opportunities with higher positions at Manager and Executive levels.

5. I live in the South, can I apply for a position of Crystal Associate Programme at Intimate Division?

Absolutely! In fact, we have a number of our Associates graduated from top universities in HCMC. The Company offers round-trip air tickets twice per year, free meals, accommodation and transportation together with other fringe benefits. 
Especially, during Final Interview Round in our Company, costs of travel, accommodation and meals are covered by us.

6. If I become an Intimate Associate, will I have the opportunity to go abroad?

All our Production Associate, Technical Associate - Intimate, Technical Associate - Industrial Engineering, Merchandising Associate, and Finance Associate have the opportunity to go overseas for further learning and development, developing deeper industry knowledge and building hands-on business experience once they complete the well-structured rotation training program in Vietnam.

7. I have never learned Chinese, so how can I adapt and get the best out of the training in China?

Do you think this is a great chance to develop your language abilities? For sure, you can start learning Chinese from zero. The Company will sponsor Chinese language courses to help you be competent at work during your rotation training in China. In addition to that, the training in China is also conducted in English.

8. May I know how many people per room in the free dormitory?

You will live in a single-person dorm room with full furniture, meal service, laundry service and cleaning service.

9. How far is it from the dormitory to the Company? How do I go to work every day?

It takes about 20 minutes to go to work by our Company’s daily free bus.

10. If I have more inquiries, where can I seek for more information?

Please feel free to contact us via or call +84 393 736 806.

Facebook: Crystal Martin Careers

We recruit five promising positions with Crystal Associate Programme.

We offer an opportunity of a lifetime.

Hear from our current Associates.

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