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Intimate Associate

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Crystal Associate Programme

at Intimate Division

Merchandising Associate at Intimate Division


Are you keen on communicating and negotiating with customers? Are you confident in leveraging collaboration and coordination skills in working with various internal departments to ensure production plans and on-time shipment? We are here to empower you on the journey of a Merchandising Associate at Intimate Division.

As other key roles, joining Crystal Associate Programme, Merchandising Associate will be put through rotation training to build industry knowledge, understand the basics of business operations and different organizational functions. Moving on to on-the-job attachment stage, Merchandising Associate will learn core knowledge and skills that help in performing the job role under Merchandising Department. 

A Merchandising Associate is trained to be highly skilled at:

  • Merchandising

  • Materials Purchasing

  • Customer Relations

  • Costing & Pricing

In addition to core knowledge and skills, you will participate in a well-structured soft skills training and leadership
development program to unleash your potential and develop leadership capabilities.

The Merchandising Associate successfully graduated from Crystal Associate Programme is able to be promoted and take up the role of Merchandising Assistant Manager after only two and a half years, which lays the foundation for future career advancement. 

Candidates with the following majors are ideal for Merchandising Associate: Business, Economics, Trading, English, Commerce, Diplomacy or related disciplines.

If you have strong communication, collaboration and planning skills, apply for Merchandising Associate and be our future leader!

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